Meet the Team – Michelle Johnson

            Meet the Team - Executive Wedding Director Michelle Johnson - Lake Arrowhead Wedding Venues. SkyPark Weddings.

               In the heart of SkyPark at Santa’s Village, where dreams come to life, meet Michelle Johnson—a powerhouse in the world of weddings and events. As the Executive Wedding Director and Park-wide Creative Director, Michelle is the driving force behind the captivating vision that defines SkyPark at Santa’s Village. In this blog series, we’ll unravel the stories and talents of the exceptional individuals who bring magic to every celebration, starting with Michelle Johnson.
      With a rich background in both Construction Management and commercial art, Michelle weaves a unique tapestry of creativity and expertise. Her journey began as she harnessed the knowledge from these diverse fields to cultivate the creative vision that has transformed SkyPark at Santa’s Village into a breathtaking venue for weddings and events.
      Boasting an impressive 25 years of experience, Michelle has left her mark on various design realms. From crafting the interiors of stunning lakefront homes to curating the most magical weddings and events, her portfolio is a testament to her versatility and mastery in the world of design.
      As the Executive Wedding Director, Michelle is dedicated to turning dreams into reality. Her keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence shine through in every wedding she orchestrates at SkyPark. Michelle’s passion lies in creating immersive experiences that go beyond expectations, leaving couples and their guests with memories to last a lifetime.

To learn more about SkyPark Weddings, visit: SkyPark Weddings is a premier Southern California wedding venue located in the historic Santa’s Village location, bordering the San Bernardino National Forest. Surrounded by majestic mountains, the fairy tale wedding of your imagination can come to life. After the ceremony, your loved ones can enjoy the ambiance of the forest and celebrate this wonderful occasion underneath the full blanket of stars visible from this mountain peak. To visit our unique property, please contact us by emailing or call 909-744-9924.