Color Palettes That Will Compliment Your SkyPark Wedding

You have done it! You have booked your special day with us!  Now you are faced with the task of all the ways you will make this gorgeous forested venue your very own fairytale. Some have been dreaming up Pinterest Boards since they were little and others may have no clue where to start. No matter where you land in your wedding planning journey, we are here to help.

SkyPark Weddings. Places to get married near Lake Arrowhead.

Color pallets are arguably one of the toughest decisions to make when deciding on your vision. Bright colors, soft pastels, neutrals… so many choices! Then there is the season to consider as well. Something to take into account when choosing your color scheme is the backdrop of the venue. SkyPark Weddings is nestled in a beautiful corner of national forest showcasing some scaling tall trees, lush greenery, and maybe even some wildflowers here and there. Many of our couples have told us there is no need for décor because the venue itself is breathtaking. We would love to help you elevate your wedding in the trees by a few suggestions.

SkyPark Weddings. Places to get married near Lake Arrowhead.

We have seen many trends over the years, but find that the most gorgeous color palettes that c work well against the dark greenery, lush woods, and green grasses are more  subtle.  These would include soft whites, nudes or blush tones. Competing dark greens can get tricky as you do not want your bridesmaids in green gowns disappearing into the backdrop of your wedding photos.  Opt for a nude or blush dress and your wedding party will sit gorgeously by your side while you exchange your vows! Other colors that tend to work well with the forested backdrop are dusty blues, lilac, pale yellow, and light sage. The key to highlighting your surroundings is to choose colors that are relaxing to the eyes rather than bold and competing against the mountain scenery.

SkyPark Weddings. Places to get married near Lake Arrowhead.

Another factor to consider while planning would be the time of year you will be getting married.  Many brides choose thematic color schemes based on the season they are getting married.  While this works well, we suggest staying within the softer color palettes that may represent the season.  For example, instead of a bright orange, look for more of a burnt orange or a darker toffee.  These colors would work well for a Fall wedding.  Highlights of soft tans and whites can also pop against the darker green backdrop of the forest and compliment the Fall feel of your wedding.

We hope this advice helps in your decision making!  Happy wedding planning!

SkyPark Weddings. Places to get married near Lake Arrowhead.

About the Author

Michelle Johnson is the Executive Wedding Director of SkyPark Weddings as well as the Executive Creative Director for SkyPark at Santa’s Village, an outdoor adventure family theme park in the San Bernardino Forest. She has over twenty years of experience in event planning and design. Michelle is also a passionate outdoorswoman who enjoys hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and waterskiing.


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