9 Hidden Perks To Having a Micro Wedding

For better or for worse, micro weddings are finally receiving the long-overdue attention they deserve and, even as we move on from the pandemic, there are several perks to these pint-sized nuptials of fifty people or less.


“While many people choose micro weddings because they’re more affordable, they end up actually enjoying them more because they are much more intentional and intimate events than larger, mainstream weddings,” says Michelle Johnson, Executive Wedding Director of SkyPark Weddings. “Micro weddings aren’t just trendy, they create a much more intimate and special occasion for couples celebrating their nuptials.”

If you’re ready to take the plunge with a micro wedding, here are nine hidden perks you should be aware of.

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  1. Spend More Time With Loved Ones

Unlike larger weddings, a micro-wedding means you can spend time more quality time with your guests. This might mean a weekend away with your close friends, or a special outing with your close family. Being intentional about exactly who attends your wedding helps you reinforce your relationships with those who most matter to you.

SkyPark Weddings. Places to get married near Lake Arrowhead.
  1. You Get To Enjoy The Day

While planning a large wedding has its upsides, creating a more intimate affair will definitely allow for more quality time and less pressure. Having less guests and more of your close friends and family will create a different vibe for your wedding.

SkyPark Weddings. Places to get married near Lake Arrowhead.
  1. It’s Easier To Be Environmentally Friendly

Micro weddings can reduce your carbon footprint significantly by reducing the number of people who are traveling to your wedding. Less people driving or traveling by plane to your location can mean less carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

SkyPark Weddings. Places to get married near Lake Arrowhead.
  1. You Can Spend Money On What YOU Want

Yes, micro weddings can save money, but they can also allow you to afford things you simply couldn’t with a larger wedding. Serving a beautiful dinner for 50 guests is far less expensive than serving one hundred, and that means you can focus on smaller, higher quality, (even luxury) experiences for your guests and yourself. Whether the savings manifests as a luxurious honeymoon, a down payment on a home, or paying off your student loans, the money you save by having a micro wedding can be substantial.

  1. Rare, Popular, & Unusual Wedding Locations Are Easier To Book

Do you dream of a rare or unusual setting for your big day? With a smaller guest list, venue options may open up for you. A beautiful botanical garden, a museum or library, or even a smaller wedding at your dream venue may be within reach with a smaller guest count.

  1. You Don’t Need As Much Time To Plan

Planning a smaller wedding can be much easier. Securing your preferred venue on an off-peak day like a Thursday will help with planning and availability. Putting together the final details of a micro wedding will save you planning time.

  1. More Photographers Will Be Available (and on shorter notice)

Micro weddings can be much shorter than large elaborate ceremonies and that means you don’t need your photographer for as long. And, if you have your wedding on a non-weekend day, your ideal wedding photographer will likely have more ability to accommodate your needs and time.

  1. Vendors May Be More Available (and have a discounted rate)

A micro wedding on a weekday may help you secure your dream photographer or florist. Vendors love to fill in their schedules with weekday weddings and may have a rate for such occasions.

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  1. You Can Be Extra Expressive

Because they need less, micro weddings can mean extra expression. From flowers, to food, to the wedding cake itself, micro weddings are easier to curate because you can focus on the finite details. There are less guests to buy for so that opens you up to more expressive ways to impress your wedding guests with experiences or special touches.

Bonus Advice: 2023 Micro Wedding Trends So Far

Now that you know the perks of micro weddings, there are some trends on the rise, (and some on the way out), that Michelle says you should be aware of before planning your micro wedding. “The 2023 trends in micro weddings so far include elaborate statement isles with overflowing florals, smaller bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets, and welcome parties, usually held the night before so the couple can spend more quality time with their guests.”


“Trends that we are seeing being deleted from weddings are things like welcome bags, elaborate table assignment walls, and signature cocktails (guests now prefer to order drinks they already know and like). The bottom line: if you want a wedding that’s more intimate, meaningful, and memorable, micro weddings are an easier option, and they are much more affordable.”


About the Author

Michelle Johnson is the Executive Wedding Director of SkyPark Weddings as well as the Executive Creative Director for SkyPark at Santa’s Village, an outdoor adventure family theme park in the San Bernardino Forest. She has over twenty years of experience in event planning and design. Michelle is also a passionate outdoorswoman who enjoys hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and waterskiing.


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